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Road stabilisation


This is a very cost effective and time saving alternative when compared to the traditional ‘dig out’ method of rectifying pavement failures and well below the price of the larger more traditional stabilising companies for small to medium areas therefore will spread your dollar further.

northpipe | road stabilisationRoad recycling by insitu stabilisation is seen as the most economical and environmentally friendly technique of repairing road faults.

Northpipe owns and operates in-situ pavement stabilisation equipment capable of economically and quickly rehabilitating areas in the small to medium range.

We can tailor this service from the basic provision of a cement lime spreading truck and in-situ stabilising machine with operators, to a full service operation, up to and including seal.

Some of the benefits of road stabilisation are:

– Existing road materials are recycled
– Disruption to traffic is minimal
– Economical
– Conservation of quarry products
– Excellent results

For clients seeking small to medium-sized pavement rehabilitation solutions, or for clients who have a large total area which is made up of many smaller areas in the 25 m2 – 300 m2 range, we are able to offer our mobile small to medium sized equipment which consists of 2 x 1m custom built stabiliser/reclaimers driven by Terex PT100G (100hp) rubber tracked loaders and our automated 4 tonne adjustable width spreader truck.

northpipe road stabilisation This equipment allows us to stabilise at a depth of 230mm and as narrow as 1m wide whilst having a water injection system which allows moisture to be directly incorporated into the pavement at the point of mixing.  The automatic 4 tonne lime/cement spreading truck provides metered binder control to ensure the correct application rate p/m2 is achieved every run.

Compaction is achieved via self-propelled rollers and/or our skid steer roller attachments. Trimming is completed with a compact grader or our skid steer grader attachment.

We are fully mobile and able to self-lift all of our plant and assets.  We can complete all our own traffic control including management plans for your approval and our crew are cross trained on all our plant and equipment.

Our daily output will vary depending on your requirements, size and depth of the areas to be treated and the number of moves required in a day. With regards to larger areas the crew is capable of completing 1000 – 2000m2 per day (full service) given ideal conditions.

Northpipe Constructions can also complete all the relevent asset management documentation and coordination of ordering and delivery of the principal (where needed) supplied items.