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Driveway Construction & Maintenance

For each new gravel driveway or private road we build, we grade for proper drainage, compact the soil to provide a firm base and offer a selection of gravel materials based upon the type of use the area will see and your needs. All of these steps are key elements for a longer lasting, better performing and more durable gravel surface. If any of these elements are left out, water has no place to go… potholes form and your gravel begins to disappear.

Of the options that we offer, one in particular can make a substantial positive effect on the performance and durability of any gravel area – vibratory compaction.

Vibratory compaction of the gravel binds the various sizes and fines in the gravel together, providing a harder surface. Over a period of time, a type of natural compaction does take place from repeated vehicular traffic, but this can also cause rutting and poor drainage. Compaction of the entire surface minimizes these effects and maximizes the durability of your gravel area.

Every gravel surface requires maintenance from time to time, that’s simply the nature of the material. But dumping rock in potholes and spreading more gravel over an old driveway does nothing to correct the underlying problems that caused those potholes in the first place. Sure it looks fine for a while, but those same old problem areas soon return and become a problem once again.

If you’re tired of spreading gravel on your driveway, private road or parking lot year after year just to have those annoying potholes return and your expensive gravel seemingly disappear, you need to give us a call. Northpipe does it a bit differently!

Firstly, we run the conditioner over your gravel driveway or parking lot so we can grade and reshape your existing material for improved drainage. This process also does an amazing job of repairing and getting rid of potholes.
We then compact the newly graded material for durability, and top it with new gravel. Your selection of new gravel will be based upon the type of use the area will see and your needs.

Northpipe repairs and restores quite a few gravel driveways each year without adding any additional gravel. During the repair we perform all of the steps used in our regular restoration process, except adding more gravel. We can give you a FREE ESTIMATE, check your existing material and let you know if we can restore your driveway using this process too. No surprises!