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Mulching & Land Clearing

NorthPipe has recently branched into forestry mulching with the purchase of two new purpose built forestry machines making it affordable and a very cost effective way to clear land without burning or incurring tip fees to remove debris.

We can manage all land clearing jobs which include:

  • Firebreaks and firebreak maintenance around your property or home
  • Selective clearing for house blocks
  • Subdivision clearing
  • Scrub & re-growth removal for property managers and owners
  • Environmental maintenance
  • Access trails for environmental parks & walkways
  • Weed control – lantana, privet, pepper weed, groundsel bush
  • Track building
  • Easement & access trail clearing for road, fence and pipe lines


Advantages of purpose built forest mulcher:

  • No burning off required
  • Mulched ground covering protects ground from erosion and soil disturbance
  • Reduced fire hazards from loose dry timber
  • Usability in steep terrain
  • Safety to operator
  • Minimal ground disturbance and environmental impact due to very low ground pressure from wide rubber tracks
  • No tipping fees incurred

The time saving benefits that the forestry mulchers achieve, must be seen to be believed!  Once you have seen what can be achieved in a small amount of time, you would never go back to previous methods.